Membership Information

Becoming a Supporter

Becoming a Supporter is free and easy. Signing up will allow you to comment on articles, participate in the open section of the Party Forum, and sign up for the email list to keep in the loop on our activities. For some experiencing financial hardship, who haven’t yet made the commitment, or who can’t figure out how bitcoin works, this is an option.

Becoming a Member

Your membership dues drive our political action. In fact, 50% of your dues go directly to regional and local political organizing, with another 10% going to whoever vouched you into the Party. You receive a 20% discount on all licensed TradWorker materials at the Fash Emporium web shop. You receive members-only access to official, regional, and local forums for networking and real world activism. You receive our quarterly print publication, Action!, you receive a Party t-shirt, and you receive a starter kit of Party materials, including the official Membership Handbook.

Code of Conduct

Before you join as either a Supporter or a Member, you must understand and agree with a few things.

  • While you aren’t necessarily required to agree with every single one of the 25 Points, you agree not to dispute or work against any of those points while working as or presenting yourself as a TradWorker Party Member.
  • You will obey all local, state, and federal laws, mindful of the fact that our organization is the target of political persecution and cannot afford either the appearance or reality of illegal activity. We cannot afford to tolerate exceptions.
  • You must not attempt to recruit members from any other Nationalist Front organization.
  • You must not feud with, infiltrate, subvert, or otherwise interfere with the operation of any other explicitly nationalist organization.
  • You must not publicly discuss internal Party matters.