Why Can’t We Be More Like Poland?

November 12, 2017

I was heartened by Poland’s beautiful nationalist rally yesterday. Tens of thousands of folks from every class, rural and urban, young and old, united in a defiant love and defense of their extended family, their ethnic heritage, and their future generations. Some flew their national flags, some flew their nationalist party flags, some wore fatigues and were ready to fight, while others brought that bourgeois hipster crispness. As the twin forces of diversity and degeneracy bring a people low, there are milestones along the descent, and we now as Anglos and Americans find ourselves looking up in awe and fascination at the agency and achievement of the Poles.

Yesterday’s derelict backwater is tomorrow’s center of innovation and vitality, as the White communities which have been passed over by diversity on account of poverty, remoteness, or Marxist folly don’t have the blood poisoning and Jewish influence which precludes greatness. A century ago, the Poles were crippled by the presence of millions of Jews while the American Midwest was confident, dynamic, and healthy. Now we’re the ones who are subverted and weak, which goes to show that the intraracial and historical differences between European nations are just rounding errors relative to the impact of these nation-wrecking forces.

America’s White Nationalists, being the neurotic, insecure, and superficial fools that they are, immediately began skimming for photos out of context to try to exploit the successful event to pick fights with the other factions within our own ranks. There were plenty of photos available of working class, hefty, and militant Poles to choose from, but they skipped over those to make their own dishonest case. For them, the story wasn’t that the Polish love their future generations more than they hate their differing factions. All they saw was an opportunity to pick a fight with the other factions over optics and a_e_s_t_h_e_t_i_c_s.

Within minutes of the first photos rolling in, RamZPaul had already contrasted the most hipster and fresh photo available of the Polish nationalists against a decade-old photo of a portly NSM member in order to advance his infighting agenda against any and all nationalists who aren’t hip to his Gen X sarcastic altlite posturing. Poland also had fat guys. Poland also had armbands in abundance. Poland also had party flags on display. But can you expect people whose entire position is that optics matter more than substance to present arguments which are substantial?

What the Poles did right was set aside their factional differences and unite in promotion of their common vision of national pride and self-determination. Our movement achieved that for a few brief hours in August, and we struck absolute terror into the heart of the system. But we could only stand working together for a few short hours before retreating back to infighting and back-biting. The optometrists are trying to score points with the fact that many of the Poles used their national flag, ignoring the fact that Poland doesn’t suffer the American colonial problem, where the flag doesn’t firmly symbolize our ethnicity or ethnic interests. The optometrists are grasping at whatever excuse they can find from whatever event they can find in order to excuse their decision to instigate infighting and disunity over matters of style.

It’s no secret that nationalism in America is more primordial, confused, and immature than nationalism in Europe. We have several challenges that the Poles don’t. Poles occupy a space about the size of Colorado, while we straddle an entire continent. Poles have a clean and straightforward 1:1 relationship between nation and state, while we’re effectively a stateless nation like Kurds and Tibetans. To be Polish is pretty much to be Catholic, at least culturally, while America’s actively defined by its religious diversity. America’s youth are already over 50% non-White, while Poland’s well over 95% Polish, and even that 5% are largely assimilable Europeans who pose no existential threat to the founding stock.¬†America has the largest Jewish population outside of Israel itself subverting and perverting everything around them, while Poland only hosts one single lonesome Jew, Anne Applebaum, who holds down the fort for global Jewry all by herself.

Poland’s got its own problems, including a painfully low birth rate and an economy which remains well below what it’s capable of. But the American nationalist has no choice but to envy and attempt to emulate these European countries which are and will remain further ahead of ourselves. It’s not hopeless here, though. After all, just a few generations ago we went from being 0.1% of the population here to being over 90% of the population here. America’s White Nationalists can do whatever we set our minds to. And as long as our minds are set on infighting and backbiting, we’ll achieve that. Next season, we’ll work to try to achieve more unity rallies capable of delivering a show of force, but we’ll necessarily need to wait for our allies to learn the hard way that flash rallies and surreptitious poster campaigns without genuine risk and authentic confrontation are neither electrifying nor polarizing enough to inspire the marginal White Americans who are listening and looking for strong and organized advocates for themselves and their families.

Optics do matter, and we never claimed that they don’t. But there is no substitute for the optics of confidence, courage, and strength. We all demonstrated that in Charlottesville, just as the Polish demonstrated it in Warsaw yesterday.

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    I’m blessed that my parents were from Lithuania. One of the lasting ethnostates alongside those potential Poles. They only admire them for one thing though, that they hate the EU as much as we do.

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