Roy Moore Did Nothing Wrong

November 11, 2017

After Trump’s victory, the AltRight has been suffering a prolonged identity and direction crisis. Every couple months, there’s some forced meme claim that we all need to go this direction or that direction or we will be doomed. You can set your watch by TradWorker, which will continue fighting (on the web and in the streets) for White working families. One of the more disappointing misdirections was the Pizzagate conspiracy detour. We don’t have access to the circles where this degenerate stuff is happening and we couldn’t hold them accountable if we tried. Untold millions of hours have been wasted by AltRight activists on this stuff, just as it was wasted on the 9/11 conspiracies, which could have been invested in fruitful White Populist activism and trolling.

Harvey Weinstein has Mossad intelligence contractors chasing around his accusers, a sympathetic Jewish media, and a one-way ticket to Tel Aviv on his nightstand. Even second string hacks like (((Louis CK))) are being rehabilitated within minutes of getting caught. The kosher networks control enough of the media and the system that scandals roll off of them and stick on us. (((Roman Polanski))) is a fugitive from justice for drugging and raping a girl younger than the one Roy Moore has been accused–several decades later, with no evidence–of consensually fondling. If the charges are true, that’s a disappointing and likely illegal incident of sexual exploitation. But behold the double standard, where Polanski has been actively defended and celebrated by the media and system while Moore’s being called on by every single deep state operative to step down from public life in disgrace

Earlier this year, I wrote in Against Ethics and Intelligence, about how we need to reject Scandal Culture altogether and take a more honest and detached approach to who we do and do not support.

Just as humanity stepped back from WWI and concluded (for the most part) that chemical weapons have no place in human conflict, I wish political combatants would mutually agree to stop it with “ethics” charges for humanity’s sake. I’m glad that it was revealed that Hillary played fast and loose with pivotal national security matters. I’m thrilled that Julian Assange revealed the dizzying inception levels of corruption in the DNC and Hillary’s campaign. I’m not arguing against transparency at all. What I’m arguing against is how “ethics charges” are routinely abused to arbitrarily interfere in the democratic political process.

What’s happening with Roy Moore is a textbook case of the will of the people being actively thwarted in the name of “ethics” in a sensationalist game that’s rigged against us. I don’t care if he did it or not. If the allegations are true, then I hope the woman can achieve justice and Moore can receive the appropriate sentencing for the crime. But it doesn’t impact my political support for him. I don’t oppose Hillary because of her email server configuration. I don’t support Trump because he’s the kind of guy who goes around grabbing “tens” by the pussy. I have political objectives, like opposition to illegal immigration, opposition to the globalist agenda, and opposition to the LGBTQ agenda.

Hell. I don’t care if Roy Moore gets caught putting on a dress and trying to sneak into the women’s restroom. As long as he’s a reliable vote against the political agenda favoring that, he’ll have my vote. There’s nothing hypocritical, immoral, or dishonest about this approach to politics. When my toilet’s overflowing, I don’t care if the plumber who arrives at three in the morning to fix it has been accused of creeping on teenagers. I want to send crazed radicals to the overflowing toilet that is Washington, and Moore’s record is clearly that of a man who is willing and able to deliver a head butt the radical leftists and their “Moderate Republican” helpmeets.

They intend to defeat Trump despite his winning the election on bullshit “ethics” technicalities, entangling him in one distracting, destructive, and potentially disastrous legal fiasco after another. The Republicans hoped to pull the same thing on Hillary, so perhaps it serves them right. Either way, if we don’t put a stop to this encroaching threat to political sanity, politics will increasingly be a game of throwing random politicians at a bug zapper, prosecuted by unaccountable deep state lackeys and then replaced by deep state lackeys.

This could not have proven more true, with the “Russian Hackers” nothingburger “scandal” entering its second year without any solid evidence of wrongdoing. Moore’s being “prosecuted” by unaccountable deep state lackeys in order to be replaced by unaccountable deep state lackeys. And if you withdraw your political support for Moore over your concerns about his (alleged) behavior which may or may not have occurred years before I was born, then you’re an unserious and unreliable political operative who is being manipulated by the deep state and will continue to be manipulated by the deep state. If you actually care so much about the welfare of teenage girls, take a deep breath, a step back from the hothouse of scandalmongering mainstream media, and stand for and hold a position which ensures the best possible future for our youth.

That being said, in some circles on the AltRight are attempts to actually defend and support Moore’s alleged behavior, spergsplaining that fourteen year old females are biologically and historically sexual creatures and fair game. I also get a kick out of trolling aging harpies who spent their twenties overlooking their broke and desperate same-aged peers in favor of “sugar daddies” and “mature men,” then suddenly want to police intergenerational relationships when they’re on the ass end of the degenerate contemporary sexual market. But you wouldn’t want your own daughter or sister to be exposed to that exploitative behavior. It’s perfectly consistent to declare that the behavior is gross and even criminal if true, but that you’re not voting for Moore to be your priest or babysitter. Refuse to be swayed by deep state attempts to subvert the democratic electoral process. Moore is being sent to Washington to vote a certain way, and unless there’s a criminal conviction which could interfere with his ability to vote, these allegations have nothing to do with politics.

There’s a shadowy priesthood that hovers over our visible government, and “ethics” is what it whistles about when it reaches its arm out from behind the curtain to manipulate the democratic process in its favor.

Roy Moore may well have done something wrong in the seventies. I, for one, don’t give a damn. Politically, Roy Moore did nothing wrong. He should be allowed and encouraged to represent the will of the good people of Alabama.

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