Shelbyville Event Signup

Please read Hunter Wallace’s White Lives Matter Rally announcement and his Shelbyville Q&A to ensure that you understand and support the basic framing and messaging of the event. There will be food and drinks at the after-party, so please consider chipping in a few dollars. This is optional, as we need you to attend the rally even if you’re flat broke.

By submitting this form, you agree that you are sincerely and simply pro-white. You are not opposed to the Nationalist Front or its objectives. You are neither a journalist nor media, whether formally or as a citizen journalist. In the vetting notes, please provide notes, references, and potentially social media links supporting your case that you are indeed /ourguys/. If you need transportation, mention it in the Special Needs form with your time and travel parameters and we might be able to coordinate carpooling arrangements.

This information is being submitted on a secure server hosted and controlled by TradWorker’s directorship, and will only be shared (as necessary, if necessary) directly and securely with the event organizers. All submissions will be deleted from both our servers and our backups immediately before the event.

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