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I posted my immediate account of Charlottesville on my Steemit account because I was heading for my arraignment the following morning and I wasn’t entirely sure whether I would be held. I knew we had provoked a hysterical reaction and that powerful forces had been set in motion. By winning that street fight, we had achieved an escalation, notarizing our escape from the confines of an “Internet Movement.” Steem’s service runs on an innovative blockchain-driven technology which makes it so that my account of events would not have been able to be fully censored.

Fortunately for us, the brunt of the censorship campaign was aimed primarily at Andrew Anglin’s Daily Stormer. While we’ve lost critical services right and left, our registrar itself hasn’t yet faced the pressure aimed at those daring to register Anglin’s high-traffic flagship blog. It doesn’t matter to us now. While there may still be some successful DDOS attacks here and there while we’re optimizing our server configuration, we’ll remain online one way or another no matter what. (more…)

They Staged a Bum Fight (…and they lost)

As foreshadowed by pretty much every altright voice who was actually there, and many of the anarchist voices who are being completely honest, Charlottesville was a premeditated attempt by the leftist city government to host the Alt Right’s paramilitary defeat at the hands of their antifa allies. It didn’t play out like that, but slowly and surely, piece by piece, what actually happened is making its way out from behind the wall of hysterical media-driven bullshit.

As predicted, documents are leaking and the objective truth is coming into focus. The Narrative Collapse is happening in cascading stages:

Narrative #1: Gonzo Nazi Terrorism (more…)

Chris Cantwell Did Nothing Wrong

A lot of folks who wished they could have joined us in Charlottesville to take a stand now have that opportunity to make a stand every bit as important and valuable as fist fighting the nightmare swarm of surgically self-mutilated degenerate Communists. We have an opportunity to stand for and support Chris Cantwell, who was recently arrested for self-defense. Alongside Will Planer, TradWorker’s “Sacramento Spartan” who’s being held in a nearly identical case of textbook self-defense, we all have a solemn duty to send a clear message to future fighters that if the system comes after you, you will never be left behind by your nationalist comrades.

Cantwell was defending himself. (more…)

Lawfare and Charlottesville: Choosing our Battles

The officer with the Carmel Police Department smiled warmly, assuring me that they would ensure that David Irving’s conference I was helping host would be monitored by an officer in an unmarked car. It was a decade ago, and I still believed that America was basically the constitutional republic it alleges to be. I was aware of bad apples, “crooked cops,” and exceptions to the rule. But I believed that, all things being equal, law enforcement generally existed to equally enforce the letter and spirit of the law.


Fighting it Only Makes it Worse: A Defense of “White Dinduism”

David Cole’s latest, “Racial Communism,” argues that those of us who fought in Charlottesville are “White Dindus” who are to blame for the monuments coming down.

Last week, in the wake of the car-ramming incident at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, hundreds of alt-rightists and white nationalists decided to drop the bravado and go all “dindu nuffin.” “Antifa started pickin’ on us and we wuzn’t even doin’ nuthin’.” It was an overnight personality shift that would have shocked Ebenezer Scrooge.