The Orthodox Nationalist: Peter I the Great

Matt Johnson discusses the life and legacy of Peter I the Great
of Russia.

Peter I the Great of Russia (1672 1725) was a
predecessor to the Bolsheviks, a revolutionary, and a Mason. He
centralized the Russian state; he made the Orthodox church his
personal slave; he destroyed parishes and monasteries; he took all
their cash and books; he defeated Sweden, Cossacks, and Turks, but
at a cost the cost of Russian liberty. Sweden was never a
major military power again. Peters influence on Russian
history is profound. Bolshevism can be understood as a later
continuation of Peters program [albeit one on speed or meth,
so to speak].

The Orthodox Nationalist Debut: Ukrainian Nationalism and Socialism

ukraine-flagDr. Matthew Raphael Johnson brings you his first episode of The Orthodox Medievalist. Discussed in the show:

  • Ukrainian nationalism and socialism
  • Oleksander Moroz and the social nationalist movement of Ukraine
  • The poetry of Taras Schevchenko and Ivan Franko
  • The relationship between nationalism and socialism; nationalism as essentially a socialist movement