The Orthodox Nationalist: Matt Johnson on Rick Adams Uncensored, Part 2

rbnReplay of Rick Adam’s Jul. 24 followup-interview of Matt Johnson, re-broadcast with kind permission from RBN. Discussed in the show:

  • The New Asian Economic Axis: China, Burma, Malaysia, et al.
  • Why nationalist countries like North Korea seek nuclear weapons.
  • The corruption of contemporary academia.
  • Globalist meddling in Lukashenko’s Belarus.

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Defense Ministries of Russia of Belarus

RedSquare2009Matt Johnson discusses:

  • The ideological program of these two Defense Ministries
  • The social nationalist revolution against the New World Order embodied in the two militaries
  • Russia and Belarus’s warning to the Neoconservatives and the Neoliberals
  • The building of a social nationalist infrastructure worldwide